The Best Bodyboard for Big Guys

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After being in the board-building game for over 50 years, the one thing I hear from the large braddahs out there is how their foam bodyboards and boogieboards just don’t hold up in serious surf.  Most foam boards just can’t take the extreme forces that large guys put on their boards.  Even the top tier triple-stringer bodyboards break down over time from being squished, and left in the hot car.

Although many large guys love the Classic XLs, we made the HPD Paipo Monster Board specifically for large guys (but smaller guys have a blast on these too!).

HPD builds all of our bodyboards out of solid fiberglass.  Not only are they super strong and can last a lifetime, but they don’t squish down like a sponge, especially on bottom turns.  This means you go fast.  REALLY fast.  Especially big guys.

HPD Paipo Monster measuring 48″ nose-to-tail, and 24″ wide.

No squishing, no bending, no broken boards..

The HPD Monster Board is 48 inches nose to tail, 8 inches longer than the original Paipo XL, and 24 inches wide just like the Paipo XL.  The Monster Board maintains the same hydrodynamic curvature as the Paipo XL, which means the faster you go, the more the board wants to ride on the surface.    This is part of the reason why these boards are so fast.

Paul showing off a brand new HPD Monster Board.
Paul showing off a brand new HPD Monster Board.  We don’t usually put skegs on our boards, but we did this one special order.

Like I mentioned before, many large guys also like riding the HPD Classic XL and Paipo XP.  They find just getting away from the foam-core bodyboards entirely and going with a solid board is enough to make a major difference.  Just like smaller guys love riding the Monster, it all just comes down to preference. All our boards will support large riders with no problem. They never break.

If you need help deciding which Paipo would be the best fit for your body size and riding style, feel free to give us a call and talk story.

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